Shower head spraying hot steamy water

Tankless Water Heaters Vs Tank

There is no denying that tankless (on demand) water heaters save space and allow for a cleaner looking laundry room, but is tankless the way to go for every household? We think not. There is much to be said pro and con about both water heating systems, and ultimately the best choice just depends. Let’s take a look at how we help our clients asses their needs.

Upfront cost. Are you willing and able to fork out the high upfront cost for an on demand water heating system? Switching to a tankless water heater from a traditional tank water heater can cost 4 – 5 times what replacing your tank would. If the answer is yes, then continue the evaluation process. Will you benefit from the added space? Are you looking to be more energy efficient? Do you have small to medium sized household? If the answer is yes to more of these questions than not, you may be a good candidate for switching to the new modern on demand water heating solutions that today’s market has to offer.

Depiction of a laundry room with modern washer and dryer with a tankless water heater concealed in a cabinet

If you have a large family with an active household and the space for a large water heater, consider this: tankless water heaters sometimes cannot keep up with the demand created by multiple people showering or washing clothing with hot water while trying to shower. We typically recommend regular tank water heaters for homes that do not have space issues. If you do find that an on demand water heater is the best solution for you, be sure to protect your investment and schedule regular maintenance. If you do so, tankless systems will save you money in energy and material costs over the course of the decades of its lifespan.

Laundry room with standard washer and dryer and standard tank water heater next to them